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Potty Mouth 1G Pre-Roll With Keif


This 1.5-gram organic hemp pre-roll showcases the premium Kiss Of Death strain (Hybrid, Indica-dominant), expertly rolled in RAW paper. The entire exterior is generously coated with kief, delivering an enhanced and rich smoking experience.

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Miracle Alien Cookies (AAAA)


Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 19% – 22%

Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting

May Relieve
Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress

Citrus, Diesel, Sour, Spicy, Sweet

Dank, Diesel, Earthy, Floral, Pungent, Spicy

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OneStop Disposable Vape 3g


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Strawberry Cookies (AAA+)


Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 19% – 26%, CBD: 1%

Aroused, Calming, Happy, Relaxing, Tingly

May Relieve
Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, Stress

Berry, Cherry, Fruity, Strawberry, Sweet

Berry, Cherry, Fruity, Nutty, Strawberry, Sweet

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Animal Face Small Buds (AAA+)


Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 18% – 26%

Body High, Euphoria, Hungry, Relaxing, Uplifting

May Relieve
Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Nausea

Diesel, Nutty, Pine, Sugary, Sweet

Diesel, Earthy, Nutty, Pine, Sweet

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OneStop THC Gummies 500mg


10 Gummies in each package

Skip the health and wellness premium attached to edible brands that flaunt their holistic healing properties and label their price tags accordingly, and get straight to having a blast with Onestop. Onestop Variety Pack THC gummies give you the best flavour and quality bang for your buck you could’ve asked for: with 1000mg THC divided into two 50mg sour green apple THC gummies, two 50mg THC sour pineapple gummies, two 50mg THC sour very cherry gummies, two 50mg THC sour peach lemonade gummies, and two 50mg THC sour cherry lime gummies, there’s nothing holding you back from having a Bodega quality edible experience at a convenient Onestop price. All Onestop THC edibles are made using pure lab-tested delta-9 THC.

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Potluck THC Gummies 200mg


Developed in collaboration between the most notable pioneers in the Canadian cannabis extracts industry, Potluck Gummies are crafted with care, diligence, and precision. Created with the modern cannabis connoisseur in mind, Potluck’s mission is to provide unrelenting quality at an accessible price, without compromising purity and taste. Made using only top quality full spectrum cannabis oil (cbd oil) and all-natural flavours, each gummy contains 20mg of THC.

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High Dose THC Gummies 1000mg


Experience the best of the west coast with High Dose THC Gummies! Our classic flavours are perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying alone if you’re feeling brave. Each package contains one gummy with 1000mg of THC, so you can get super baked in no time! Flavours include Cherry, Blackberry, Watermelon, Tangerine, Strawberry, Tropical Punch, and Blue Raspberry.

These gummies are perfect for chilling out with friends, smoking joints, and experiencing the west coast lifestyle. But make sure to keep them in a cool, dry place for the best taste and freshest experience.
Edible Dosage

If you’re new to edibles, make sure to go low and slow when it comes to dosage. Everyone’s body type, cannabis experience, and eating habits are different, so it’s important to listen to your body and adjust your dosage accordingly.

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